Welcome to My Friend’s Store

Welcome to My Friend’s Store

Welcome to My Friend’s StoreWelcome to My Friend’s StoreWelcome to My Friend’s Store

Offering curated collections

of products & services

for the modern professional 

with a satisfaction guarantee .

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If you would like to get in touch with My Friend, please feel free to send a message with any comments, suggestions, and requests. 

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My Friend’s Store

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States


You can TRUST my Friend


My Friend’s Promise to Us

Everything is personally guaranteed by My Friend.

 If you’re not happy,

  1. Send a message to My Friend,
  2. Copy the person who referred you
  3. A solution will be found.

My Friend relies on referals,

so your satisfaction is critical.


The Mission Statement

My Friend’s mission is to provide friends with a quick, trustworthy, and reliable, yet easy way to access the latest innovations and industry trends. 


Referral Only

My Friend’s Store is exclusively available through referrals

that are vouched for by friends of My Friend.


About The Collections

In order to stay current with the latest trends, 

My Friend has buyers and industry consultants who help source goods from all over the world.
The team has done the research, and these are all products that they themselves use.

Every item, in every collection, is selected after being used and reviewed by other friends of My Friend. 


Satisfaction Guarantee

It’s My Friend’s Store, so rest assured if something arrives broken, defective, or you’re not satisfied, all you have to do is send a message and a solution will be be found. 


Bulk Orders and Retailers

Do you own a shop or a storefront? Are you interested in carrying My Friend’s products in your store?  

Contact My Friend to discuss bulk orders and wholesale pricing and hear about other benefits of being friends with My Friend. 


Why My Friend Opened This Store

As a young kid, My Friend, always loved finding and learning about innovative companies & technologies. Fascinated by the ingenuity, My Friend took great pleasure is sharing the discoveries. 

It was My Friend‘s passion for finding the highest quality products, at the best prices, and sharing it, that was the catalyst for My Friend to become a serial entrepreneur.

After seeing so many friends buy the products and services that had been discovered, My Friend decided to make it easier for everyone to purchase, while saving us money on products we love

Following both the success and failure of countless businesses endeavors as well as earning a Bachelor of Arts in International Business, it’s was inevitable that My Friend would create an online portal for family and friends, to be able to support their own friend financially while purchasing products they can use everyday.

My Friend established this store to help educate others about innovative products and services, and provide friends with a trustworthy online portal to purchase their own. 

It has grown to become a series of collections, carefully selected for the modern professional who spends a little more for superior quality.

Examples of top picks from our best selling Collections